Traditional Braces For Children & Adults

Fremont CA Orthodontic BracesBraces are designed to drastically improve the appearance of your smile and function of your bite. 

Traditional braces goals:

Child Growth Development

The goal of Phase One treatment is to prevent overcrowding of permanent teeth during jaw development. This treatment is utilized for patients beginning around the age of 6. Symptoms of irregular jaw development include snoring and troublesome breathing. If your child is exhibiting these symptoms, contact the All Care Dental team, as the jaw may be preventing proper oxygen flow, leading to health complications related to Sleep Apnea. 

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces are some of the most effective treatments available for patients with crooked teeth or an irregularly developed jaw. Traditional braces can address any orthodontic concerns, ranging from the least to most severe. Using a system of brackets and wires, braces are delicately placed along with the teeth with the goal of gradually moving them into an ideal position.

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